How to make yougurt?

11-05-27 10:54:48

How to make yougurt

Yougurt as we all know is a rich source of calcium, as the key ingredient to make yougurt (like all dairy products) is “milk”. Its nutritive value is equivalent to that of milk. The nutritive value of yougurt is equivalent to that of milk, along with it; it is a rich source of lactic acid, which helps indigestion. All of this makes it an excellent replacement for milk (Good news for mothers whose children run away from milk). It is immensely popular and is refreshing treat in the blazing summer season. The market nowadays is littered with packaged yougurt. However, if one makes yougurt at home it is most certainly a cost effective way of making a delicious and refreshing summer treat. The ingredients required in order to make are fairly simple and are available from your very own kitchen cabinet.

  For this you would need an earthen utensil (a deep dish) and add in a glass of full-cream milk. Next step would be to put the milk under conducive environment. For this you have to place this earthen utensil in a double boiler. After this the mixture has to be cooled down. You may place it over a bowl of ice. Then add in about two to three tablespoons full of yougurt and stir in the milk mixture. This step is crucial, as one needs yougurt as a starter in order to initiate the fermentation process for the yougurt. Therefore a full cream yougurt would be preferable. Stir the mixture so that the yougurt is completely amalgamated in the milk. Now, you must cover this mixture with a clean, dry cotton cloth. After this you may place your mixture in an empty oven or a warm place where it could remain undisturbed overnight. The next morning, you would notice that the surface has a formed a firm film on top. This is a sign that yougurt is ready to eat. You may refrigerate it for additional time in order to enhance the flavor of this edible delicacy. I hope you enjoyed this home-made recipe for yougurt. This ensures that the supply for yougurt is never cut short, especially in summers. Not only does this provide your daily intake of calcium, being a dairy product, but it also tastes heavenly. It is also versatile in its use as you can make from tempting deserts to mouth-watering main-dishes. And that’s not all – after all that, it can be used to quench your thirst in the form of delicious drinks. So enjoy summers with yougurt!

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